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Groep 7 & 8
Inschrijven brugklas

Entering the first year of secondary school

This year you will start attending secondary school. You are looking for a school that suits your personality, a school where people take into account who you are as an individual. A school where both your talents and specific needs are noticed, and you are challenged to become the absolute best version of yourself. You might have already guessed that Van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven is exactly that type of school.

You have become enthusiastic about our school - now what?

Would you like to become a student at Van Maerlantlyceum? registration is in March of every year. You are more than welcome!

Are you still browsing for the right school for your child? We have a lot of different acitivities they can join! See our Kennismakingskalender.

If you like to stay informed about our introductory activities, please sign up for the mailing list via this sign-up form.

Does registering mean guaranteed placement in Year one? Van Maerlantlyceum is not a school where a lottery is held to decide who will, and who will not be admitted. This means that anyone with an appropriate advice for one of our three distinct first year groups (Havo/Atheneum/Gymnasium) from his/her grade 8 teacher can start in year one.


At our school, there is always room for extra help and personal guidance: there are several confidential counsellors that students can turn to.
Counselling can be provided by, among others: your personal mentor, departmental leader, remedial educationalist, support coordinator, student counsellor, coach, NT2 teacher, dean, confidential advisor. Professionals at Spectrum Brabant can also offer you in-school individual study guidance and supervision. If further external expertise is needed, the youth doctor at GGD, a school social worker but also the compulsory school attendance officer can be called in to help you.

So... have we caught your attention?

And do your test results show that you are qualified to go to either Higher General Secondary Education (HAVO) or Pre-University Education (VWO: Atheneum / Gymnasium)? Then Van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven is the perfect school for you!

Together with 1,249 other students and our committed teachers you will embark on a journey of discovery: from the very first year up to your final exams. We are there to make sure you are well-prepared for your future education. You are going take all the necessary steps of your educational career by yourself. But remember that we will motivate and support you all the way!

Tailor-made first year (brugklas)

Being exactly in the right place: that feels good. We do everything we can to take care that our pupils will experience just that in their first year at our school. We have three types of first year classes: Havo, Atheneum and Gymnasium. What is the difference?

First Year Havo

  • Lessons and tests are at Havo level.

  • Lessons in first year Havo begin with a short instruction after which you can work on your own (homework) assignments at your own pace. After first year Havo you can continue your educational career in second year HAVO.

  • You can be admitted to first year Havo if your primary school advises you to do so.

First Year Atheneum

  • Lessons and tests are at VWO level.

  • After first year Atheneum you can either continue your educational career in second year Havo, second year Atheneum or second year Gymnasium, depending on your results and motivation in year 1.

  • You can be admitted to First Year Atheneum if your primary school advises you to go to either first year HAVO/VWO or first Year VWO.

First Year Gymnasium

  • Lessons and tests are at VWO level.

  • In addition to the main subjects, subjects such as Robotics and Classical Language - and Culture are included in the curriculum in first year Gymnasium. In comparison to first year Havo and first year Atheneum some subjects are taught in fewer lessons per week in first year Gymnasium. Latin and Ancient Greek lessons start in second year Gymnasium.

  • You can be admitted to first year Gymnasium if your primary school advises you to go to first year VWO.