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Our school

Curiosity, taking care of each other and pleasure in learning are the core values of our school.

Our vision on education

At Van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven you can truly be yourself, always. Individuality is a core element of our vision on education.

How do we achieve this?

  • We pay attention to each other

  • We combine acquiring knowledge with personal growth, self-confidence and developing a sense of responsibility

  • We stimulate pupils to develop a positive-critical, creative and inquisitive attitude and we have a keen eye for each individual personality

  • Learning is fun at our school: pupils and staff learn together in a safe, pleasant and open-minded environment

  • We allow pupils to make mistakes: our school is a secure environment where students are motivated to learn and discover new things together with others

What are we working towards?

A pupil with a Van Maerlant diploma:

  • has thorough professional knowledge and study skills

  • has self-confidence and a good sense of responsibility

  • is positively critical and inquisitive

  • looks for creative solutions

  • is not judgmental to the world around him/her

We train you to be ready and fully equipped for your future. You take the necessary steps yourself and we guide you, when things go well but also when the going gets tough. We offer you proper education at a nice high school as the starting point for your further education.

Our strategic themes

- Wide range of subjects

We consciously choose not to over-specialise our education. The school takes the view that a pupil should be able to develop broadly during high school years. We therefore offer a wide range of subjects, with an emphasis on creative subjects and music.

- Safe school

We score high on the topic of social safety. The positive atmosphere at Van Maerlantlyceum, which has traditionally been fuelled by the focus on music and creativity over the years, is an important reason for pupils and parents to choose for our school. Fortunately, bullying is rare; pupils and staff feel safe as socially undesirable incidents hardly ever occur. At our school, you can truly be yourself!

- Focus on the pupil

Pupils are seen and heard at our school. Participating in debates and learning together are important values of our education.

- Guidance

Van Maerlantlyceum has an extensive support structure to optimally assist pupils in their learning process. The support given ranges from mentorship to intensive guidance by a remedial educationalist or experts outside the school.

- Research

Conducting research is quintessential to your education at Van Maerlantlyceum. Therefore, curiosity is key. We teach pupils how to properly do scientific research, starting off with small scale projects during the first years up to conducting a larger research project during the final exam years. Curiosity and (self) discovery are core values that are deeply embedded in our education.

Entering the first year of secondary school

This year you will start attending secondary school. You are looking for a school that suits your personality, a school where people take into account who you are as an individual. A school where both your talents and specific needs are noticed, and you are challenged to become the absolute best version of yourself. You might have already guessed that Van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven is exactly that type of school.

So... have we caught your attention?

And do your test results show that you are qualified to go to either Higher General Secondary Education (HAVO) or Pre-University Education (VWO: Atheneum / Gymnasium)? Then Van Maerlantlyceum Eindhoven is the perfect school for you!

Together with 1,249 other students and our committed teachers you will embark on a journey of discovery: from the very first year up to your final exams. We are there to make sure you are well-prepared for your future education. You are going take all the necessary steps of your educational career by yourself. But remember that we will motivate and support you all the way!